Promo&Press – promotion of Croatian interpreted heritage

Costumed thematic tours, visitor centers, storytelling, workshops, educational paths, eco-museums – all that is interpretation of heritage, the way cultural and natural heritage is “translated” into a language understandable to visitors but also to the local population of all generations (especially children and young people).

The promotion of interpreted heritage requires passion, dedication, resourcefulness, creativity, and contacts so that the story of its existence can be conveyed. That is why Promo&Press was founded – a workshop full of good ideas and industrious performance that brings the richness and variety of Croatian interpreted heritage closer to the world.

Silvija Jacić, Marketing&PR Specialist

During my journalism studies, I started my career path as a tourism journalist with the U.T. – ugostiteljstvo i turizam magazine, where, thanks to the editor Silvana Jakuš, I got to know and grew to love tourism. After receiving a degree in Journalism, I gained experience in journalism and editing, which I greatly benefited from in 2000, when, along with numerous outstanding colleagues, I became part of creating, Croatia’s first online travel agency, where I worked as a web editor, translation coordinator and finally as head of the PR Department. It has become evident that the beauties of Croatia’s lighthouses have captured the attention of numerous domestic and foreign media, so (inter)national PR became my job and my passion. After my love for tourism was a “long distance love” because I spent several years working in the marketing departments of publishing companies (Profil, Školska knjiga). However, the return to tourism was inevitable – after the travel agency, it is time for Promo&Press and tourist promotion of Croatian interpreted heritage.

Current professional engagement:
Creating and Managing Promotion and PR Activities for Vodnjan Tourist Board
Creating and Managing Promotion and PR Activities for Ližnjan Tourist Board

PR Consultant to Banovina Heritage Interpretation Centre

PR Consultant to Lynx and Fox

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