Interactive and educational revival of the past of Zagreb’s Upper Town through a creative workshop and a short stroll through its streets.

What was life like in Zagreb three hundred years ago without refrigerators, TVs and cars? Children and their parents found the answers in Gornjogradska gimnazija (Secondary School at 5 Katarina Zrinska Square), in children’s program that was a part of the project Zagreb Upper Town: Change of Heart organized by the Museum of Broken Relationships.

The lead character in the picture book Contessa Barica (author Snježana Husić / illustrator Marijana Jelić / publisher Planetopija) is Barica Cindek who sells produce at the town market and bakes for living. Barica also tells stories about life of the Upper Town in the 18th century so she took the children for a walk through its streets. What was hidden beneath the St. Mark Square where Barica used to sell her products, how did she save herself from the accusation of witchcraft, where was the first brewery in Zagreb, what terrible disaster prevented the Vitezović printing press from working – these are some of the stories that Barica Cindek, embodied by actress Mia Biondić, shared with her young audience.

A half-hour tour for the children accompanied by their parents was organized in three terms (10:30, 12:30 and 14:30), starting point was in front Gornjogradska gimnazija.

The revival of the Upper Town from the time of Barica Cindek was also the theme of a creative workshop for children that took place from 10 to 17 hours in the Art Cabinet of Gornjogradska gimnazija. While parents used the time to enjoy numerous events in the project Zagreb Upper Town: Change of Heart, the children have “built” Upper Town artisan workshops, towers and churches from paper bags. On a long rope stretched between the cabinets, hung bakeries, breweries, blacksmiths, wigmakers and other workshops – mostly unknown crafts to children today, and we found ourselves in Zagreb 300 years ago!

The author of the project is Silvija Jacić. Actress Mia Biondić, Museum of Broken Relationships associates Ivana Hrgovčić and Ivona Miloloža, publishing house Planetopija, Zagreb Tourist Board and Medo Štedo – Erste Bank Children’s Savings, participated in the realization. The project was realized in 2016.