Creating and Managing Promotion and PR Activities for the Bakar Tourist Board on the following projects:

EDUCATIONAL TRAIL PONIKVE (writing interpretation texts for information boards and web page)

INTERPRETATION TOUR “A Walk with Maiden Margareta” (initial idea, lobbying/connecting, coordination, writing texts for promotion materials, PR)

“SMALL” NAVAL BATTLE – a program for children based on heritage, part of the largest event in the Town of Bakar called “The Naval Battle” (concept design, co-ordination of associates, realization, care of the sponsorship relationship, writing texts, media)

INTERPRET EUROPE “CERTIFICATED INTERPRETATION GUIDE” COURSE (proposing the activity to the Tourist Board, coordinating, communicating with participants, Facebook managing, participating in designing and coordinating the creation of promotional, personalized materials, and public relations – all in co-operation with the coach Iva Silla and the Bakar Tourist Board).

PR Consultant to the Batana Eco-musem/Ecomuseo Batana and  the Association “House of Batana – Casa della batana”: administration and editing.
• National and international public relations (communication with journalists, organization of study visits).
• Creation of text and photo content for Facebook page and web site.
• Coordinator of translators.
• Monitoring and promoting activities related to the EU projects Culturecovery, Mala barka 2 and Arca Adratica, and participation in the organization and realization of workshops, Board meetings and study visits for project partners.